“Mobility for Business is a tremendous opportunity for those companies that properly embrace the change.”

Anthony Fernandez, Vice President Operations & Co-Founder

Mobile Device Services

The foundation of MTech’s value is its Mobile Device Repair Service. Repair services are performed on any mobile device, with any operating system by MTech certified mobile technicians that provide repair options from warranty management to level 3  (circuit board level) repairs.

With repair services at it’s core, MTech offers an expanded portfolio of complimentary services providing businesses with the flexibility to select the specific services needed to support company operations and employees.  Services, ranging from mobile device planning through decommissioning are integrated as MTech’s Mobile Managed Services offering.

MTech has built a reputation for providing quality mobile device services.  Allow us an opportunity to discuss how we can help your business get the best value for your mobile investment and how we can help support you with one or more of our Mobile Managed Services components.

Lifecycle Management

MTech’s Lifecycle Management service provides businesses with the support you need to manage  mobile deployment projects or simply the service component they need to augment your existing IT team.  Life Cycle Management services focus on managing your business’ mobile assets ensuring an operational device is promptly delivered to your employee.

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    Selecting the right mobile device to support your business is an on-going process as new devices are introduced to the market every month. Our team can help you understand the pros and cons of specific hardware and software choices. We provide you a full view of the cost of ownership to help you make the best decision possible for your business.

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    Choosing the right provider is almost as important as choosing the right device. MTech can provide you advice or direct assistance with purchasing your mobile assets. MTech maintains relationships multiple MDM software companies and top national distributors to provide you with the best choice for your business.

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    Provisioning mobile devices to be delivered to your workforce is a critical part of every mobile deployment project. MTech helps you prepare your devices with the MDM and security software and configure your specific business applications. We then work with your shipping carrier to properly package and schedule prompt delivery of the devices to your employees.

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    Service Desk

    Mobile specific call center services designed to support mobile device users. Service desk analysts provide immediate triage services focused on restoring users within strict first call resolution targets without issuing an RMA and disrupting operations. Mobile specific technical support is designed to provide additional analysis of the service incident and remotely assist user with additional diagnosis and troubleshooting using leading MDM software applications.

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    MTech originated as a mobile device repair company. Through the years, we have developed repair processes to help reduce the cost of repair, enabling businesses to extend the life of their mobile investments. Supported by MTech's in-house certified mobile technicians, MTech provides repair services for any brand and type of mobile device without the need to send it out to another company. This not only improves the turnaround time on repairs, but reduces the cost of non-warranty repairs.

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    Similar to MTech Repair Services, we don't have to outsource the decommissioning of your devices to another company. MTech will provide you direct services to properly wipe, recycle, and dispose of your devices. Another reason why choosing MTech for your Mobile Service needs is the right choice.