“We are dedicated to supporting the mobile technology businesses rely on every day.”Tony Fernandez, President & Co-Founder
About MTech MDM

Founded originally as a Mobile Device Repair company, MTech has been recognized for its quality workmanship and focus on providing the highest levels of customer service.  Building upon the cornerstone of its operation, MTech MDM provides a comprehensive suite of managed services focused on mobile devices including provisioning, call center, repair, asset, and life cycle management. MTech MDM offers businesses options to manage their mobile services with the same quality, flexibility, and affordability they have known from the MTech brand. MTech MDM’s headquarters and primary service centre is located in Sarasota, Florida.


Leadership Team

  • Tony Fernandez

    President & Co-Founder

    Tony serves as the company’s president and has provided the vision and strategy to MTech MDM’s service offering and customer/partner focused approach.  Tony maintains over 20 years of Executive leadership with IT Managed Services, Multi-Industry Management (Retail, Hospitality, Travel, Healthcare, Public Sector, Cinema, Venue), and Operations.

  • Anthony Fernandez

    Vice President, Operations & Co-Founder

    Anthony serves as the Vice President of Operations and is the visionary behind MTech’s servicing operations.  Anthony brings the education and technology background that launched MTech Repair in 2012.   Under Anthony’s leadership MTech Repair has established itself as the leading provider of mobile device repair services for consumers & businesses alike.

  • John Komarinski

    Operations Manager – Warehouse & Logistics

    John manages MTech’s operations flow into and out of the MTech Service Center. He provides a strong foundation in operations management, inventory, and logistics. As a key member of the leadership team, John is responsible for driving the company’s performance and six sigma standards.

  • Heather Bird

    Operations Manager – Administration

    Heather leads MTech’s technical administration and project teams. She manages daily service level management activities to ensure all customer commitments are met and quality standards have been achieved. Heather also manages the transition of customer projects and engagements to ensure operational performance guidelines are met.

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